Doing a safari is having patience. Is about driving around and around, hoping to be at the right moment at the right place.  Is all about luck; but guess what? We had it!! We could see the big five ( elephant, rhino, leopard, lions, and buffalo, and much more.), we saw cheetahs, many and various antilopes, beautiful birds, my favorite: lilac brosted… 


The best roads to spot animals were the roads around Satara ans Olifants. For example the s100, there is where we saw a leopard, which is the most difficult animal to spot. ( we crossed a lady who told me that she’s been going to game reserves for 40 years and she has seen just two times a leopard), and we saw it on a day!! As she said we are so lucky!! 

Any way, doing safari was a great experience, may be some day we will do it again, maybe not, we never know 🙂 what i think is that the greatest thing is too see animals in action and we saw a held of lions eating a fresh zebra, 2 minutes before we arrived they hunted it so we spotted how they were enjoying and how other males were coming to “join the party” making sounds and getting the babies out of the prey, those kind of things you don’t have in a zoo. Or when I was scared because a rhino standing 2 meters from us,started to kick out as a bull does doing an unknown noise, so I thought he was mad, I was driving, I put the reverse and began to run to the back…2 seconds later, the rhino starts making poo… Ohh yes, all this movement was because he was preparing his toilet, just like dogs do.

Experiences that make our hearts beat!! 🙂

If you want a tip here we go: get up very early so at 6am you can get out from the camp and spot different animals, is true, is the best time to find them. Being with your car doesn’t change to much that being with the safaris vehicles. If you do it once to get an explanation about some animals then you can do the other days with your own car, and better if its a high one so you get better views.